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Lianyungang ChemSize International Trading Co., Ltd.

Company Name: Lianyungang ChemSize International Trading Co., Ltd.
Country: China
Adress: Room 715, 1# Building, Shanghai Square, Huiquan Road 8, ETDZ, Lianyungang, Jiangsu
ZIP: 222000
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We've been making and exporting fused silica sand and powder for many years to the industry of refractory, investment casting, thermal ceramic,fused silica crucible,fused silica ceramic roller etc. 

1. Fused silica grains/powder

1.1 Physical Properties

Composition: SiO2

Structure: Amorphous

Colour: Transparent or white
Melting: Temperature approx.1750℃
Specific Gravity: 2.21g/cm3
Hardness:  7 Mohs
Thermal Expansion:  0.5*10-6

1.2.Chemical composition


1.3.Different sizes are available:

0-0.5mm, 0.2-0.5mm,0-1mm,1-3mm,3-5mm,

-4/10mesh,-10/20mesh,-20/50mesh,-30/50mesh.-50/100mesh,-6/50mesh,-100mesh, 120F , 270F, 325F , 400F , 600mesh,ect.

2. Fused silica bricks,fused silica castables:

Characteristic properties:

High purity of Chemical composition :SiO2>99%(will not pollute the glass liquid)

Very low coefficient of thermal expansion: 0.5×10-6/℃

Excellent thermal shock resistance: more than 35 cooling cycles.

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Mr.   Frank Wang Management General Manager +86-518-82326257 minerals@chemsize.com renai11